Monday-Friday : 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
61 Katherine Drive,Sandton, 1st Floor - Office 321

We continuously invests in research and innovation by identifying factors, trends and development of ideas to enable organisations
to maximise production and consequently revenue with limited resources.
Enterprise Applications | Business Intelligence/Analytics |Application Integration |Software Engineering & Mobile Services

Our approach is to analyse existing systems  and new technologies to form more capable … Read more


Provides Chatbots, Intelligent Automation bots, AI and Machine Learning …Read more

I T Professional Services

Finding the right technical resources at the right time can be challenging and costly. Perhaps you…Read more


We understand that technology is dynamic and we have the skills, tools and methods to help you gain speed and agility. By working end-to-end across all IT dimensions from strategy, analysis and implementation, we deliver transformative outcomes.

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