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61 Katherine Drive,Sandton, 1st Floor - Office 321

DotBlack is a cross industry Information Technology (IT) consulting and implementation company, with the main focus on:

  • Business Analysis and strategy;
  • Application and data integration services;
  • Data Science;
  • Business intelligence and advanced analytics;
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA);
  • Software Engineering;
  • IT Professional Services;

Our clients benefit from an agile, strategic approach to planning, implementing and managing business and technology solutions.

We address solutions faced by small, medium and large establishments with regards to information technology consulting, operational strategy, Business Analysis, Proof of Concept, cost reduction initiatives, business case development, IT training and solution blueprints as well as infrastructure development and support.

We also aim to develop world-class future leaders through mentorship and employment. We initiate value-added expertise to progressively integrate solutions and continue to negotiate goal-oriented customer services.

DotBlack is committed to providing customer-centric business solutions and services. We understand that each organisation has its unique business requirements. Thus, we deliver tailored business solution and services to our clients.


Experience: DotBlack founders have invested in education while continuously gathering expertise in leading business practice standards, frameworks, methods and methodologies in order to remain consistent in the ever-changing business world. The founder has also had the opportunities to work in world leading management consulting firms. This has enabled the company to gain vast experience in management consulting across multiple industries.

Research & Innovation: We understand that the business environment is dynamic and this has been seen to continuously pose threats to organisations. These often bring about a reduction in resources which then impacts on production. DotBlack continuously invests in research and innovation by identifying factors, trends and development of ideas to enable organisations to maximise production and consequently revenue with limited resources.

Our Mission

DotBlack strives  to invest in empowering resources through training & skills development that is required to drive and shape our competitive  economy.

Our Vision

DotBlack’s vision is to implement futuristic business solutions by empowering our clients with practical ideas.

Some of Our Clients

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