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& Project Management

DotBlack’s project management and advisory provide a flexible set  of services to scope and scale according to needs of the project  and ensure the project is delivered on-time and within budget and with the requisite quality. By using a rigorous approach, DotBlack has built a strong reputation for successfully managing projects, and risk, to provide defined deliverables with the potential to transform businesses.

Our methodology consists of:

  • Manage Suppliers : Manage the acquisition of product/services from suppliers. Select product/service suppliers using Decision Analysis and Resolution.
  • Manage Scope/Requirements : Manage and control project scope, verify project requirements are baselined, placed under change control and maintain requirements tractability.
  • Monitor and Control Project : Gather team status and metrics; maintain stakeholder involvement, measure progress/ performance against the plan to implement corrective actions. Identify and manage issues/risks.
  • Manage Project Resources : Orient and train team, provide coaching/support, and manage integrated teams.
  • Configuration Management : Establish and maintain the integrity of project deliverables. Coordinate, track, and manage change requests.
  • Manage Quality : Monitor and manage validation, verification, and peer reviews.
  • Work Plan : Consists of tasks, milestones, schedule, dependencies, resources, and start/end dates.
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